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About Clock Session

Clock Session is a powerful and user-friendly free time tracking software designed to streamline time management and enhance productivity. Our mission is to help individuals and businesses effectively track and manage their time, making the most of every moment.
With Clock Session, you can effortlessly monitor and log your time, track projects and tasks, and generate insightful reports. Our intuitive interface and robust features provide a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


Employee Monitoring Software is the tool that helps track concerns such as time tracking, screenshots, Mouse and Keyboard stroke tracking, Productivity Tracking, Dashboards & Insights, and Timesheet reports. This Employee-friendly time tracking and productivity insights enable teams to perform their best.

Software Features

The Automatic Time Tracking Feature will let you know about where the team Excels and where it requires assistance. So you can quickly improve its performance overall and individually.

Resource Management

Track your and your employees’ time to know what is done throughout the day. You will get the summary of spent time on each project, client, and task. Clock Session will let you see how much time employees have spent at the system or have been away.
It will also let you know how long their breaks last. Use our reports to identify and eliminate time-wasting behaviours since Time is Money. As a result, you will experience increased productivity.


View the screenshots of real-time progress, who is working on what project, and how they spend their office hours. The best part of this Clock Session generates a summary of reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis including information about hours, website and application usage, task and customer breakdowns, and more.

Work Diary

Integrating timesheets and payroll will simplify your life. Discover how automated timekeeping and simplified payments may improve payroll processing. Payroll is simple for both small and large enterprises with Clock Session. First, managers create projects and assignments.
Then, with a simple button click, workers can keep track of their time effortlessly. This information is organized by the clever software from Clock Session to provide automatically generated timesheets that can be uploaded to utilize your preferred payroll method.


Clock Session is enriched with the screenshot feature that allows the customer to get in-depth of workflows and behaviours. One can pinpoint if the improvement is required. Screenshots are the most valuable resource as it works as a proof to the client’s work or for any internal matters if needed.
Screenshots features are optional for customers. However, it has several settings, including the option to blur the screenshots, and can enable the team to delete any screenshots if required.

Our Employee Time Tracking Software is designed to improve efficiency, reduce administrative burden, and provide valuable insights into employee time allocation. Experience the benefits of Clock Session’s Employee Time Tracking Software and optimize your workforce’s productivity today. We are committed to providing a free time tracking solution that helps individuals and businesses optimize their time, improve productivity, and achieve their goals. Experience the benefits of Clock Session and take control of your time today.


Globally, teams discuss how Clock Session enables them to improve second by second.


Globally, teams discuss how Clock Session enables them to improve second by second.

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Desktop app

This user-friendly desktop application will facilitate time monitoring and productivity insights for your employees, and will result in an increased growth rate.
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